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Intuitive Readings by Dianne

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Intuitive Jewelry Creations by Dianne

I am an Artist specializing in handcrafted intuitive jewelry and other small items.   Made with many types of mediums such as  Glass Beads, special Lampwork Painted Glass Beads, Colored and Clear AB Crystals, 
Leather, wooden beads, clay beads, and more.  I use Silver like, Gold like or Copper like findings.  I create Necklaces & Pendant Necklaces, Earrings, Different types of bracelets, Window Crystals, Bottle Stoppers, Pens and Stylists, and much more.  


I can also create spiritual jewelry (such as Cross, Buddha, Hamsa), for different holidays, weddings or other custom items. Intuitive Jewelry Creations started in 2010,with a few pieces of jewelry,  and has expanded through the years, now selling upwards of 40 items.   I have sold many items at Craft Shows, Holistic Expos., and local Gift Shops, Consignment shops, Spiritual Centers, Healing and Massage Office, Dog Groomer and more.  


Average prices range from $10.00 - $70.00.  You can purchase items on my website, or you may contact me via my email to have custom made items created just for you.  Email:

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About Dianne Ulrich

I have always been Intuitive, Sensitive and an Empath. 

Even though I was very sensitive at a

younger age, it was in my early 20's

that I remember seeing spirits around me. 

I grew up in Western New York. 

I was exposed to Lily Dale around the age of 18.

I attended many Services,  received personal  Readings, went to the "Inspirational Stump” and Trumpet Séances. 

When I got divorced in 2008,

it was like a flood gate opened for me. 

I started on a personal journey of healing and enlightenment.  

I began to read books, take classes, and

learn as much as I could about 

Metaphysics, Meditation and Enlightenment. 


In the past 10 years,

I also have taken classes from Ellen Bourn,

Kelly Wahl, Angie Hewett-Abt among others. 

It was with Angie, at Santosha, that I became a 

“Certified Professional Medium”. 

I have taken classes on Healing and Mediumship

with John White, Shawn Stec-Cichowski, Barbara Sanson,

and more from Lily Dale. 

I attended a Hayhouse sponsored,

"I Can Do It” Convention,

where I took classes from Marianne Williamson,

John Holland and other famous Mediums and Healers. 

I also had the pleasure of meeting the Keynote Speaker,

the late Wayne Dyer.  


As I was taking care of my elderly Mother,

I had many conversations with her about

death and the life after. 

She and I both read the same books and

shared much of the same interests and beliefs. 

I was with her as she transitioned to the other side. 

She is now my "gate keeper"

and helps me with all my readings that I conduct for others.

 Of the 5 Clairsenses:   The strongest gifts for me are Clairvoyance,  Clairaudience, and Clairsentience. 


Since I am an Artist,

many times while doing readings,

I also see Spirit Guides for the individual that I am Reading.  Subsequently I have done drawings of the guides when they come to me in a clear, strong picture. 

I see and feel angels around. 

I feel their presence and their touch.

I always ask for Angelic Assistance when I travel,

or for any other endeavors,on a daily basis. 

I allow only the highest and best around me,

and I ask God for his Divine white light

to surround and protect me whenever I work with Spirit.

I also see colors and Auras around people and animals.  

I get my strength in the beauty of Nature. 

Sunsets, surf, sand, sunshine,

mountains, trees, birds, animals, gardens, anywhere that I feel the connection of Source / Spirit. 

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